Our History

How did Slay Clays come about? Where did we start? Where are we going?


Slay Clays was born from a passion for shotgun sports and the necessity for modernizing the sport in order for it to stay competitive with other recreational options. Without up-to-date processes and software systems, the sport will slowly decay into obscurity. Without relevant brands that can help market and promote the sport (especially to young shooters) the sport will see decreased membership and participation numbers.image-png

We at Slay Clays wanted to create a software system that brings modern features to shotgun sports: state-of-the-art user interface and experience, social networking, gamification and shoot management. Integrating these features will allow the shotgun sports to thrive among other sports that are quickly modernizing. 

We've stood in countless long lines to process registration payments, look up results and find out squads or stations. Software development allows us to create solutions to many of these inconveniences and reduces friction in participating in shotgun sports.


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