Earn badges and get rewarded for all your shooting. We work with 3rd party sponsors to get discounts and products in your hand that help keep you shooting.

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National Placing Rewards Packages

                                                      MTM Case-Gard - Quality Shooting Sports Accessories - USA Made

Place 1-10: 50% Off Storewide               Place 1-10: 45% Off a ShotKam                      Place 1-10: 50% Off                     Place 1-10: 50% Off
Place 11-30: 35% Off Storewide             Place 11-30: 35% Off Storewide                     Place 11-30: 35% Off                   Place 11-30: 35% Off
Place 31-50: 15% Off Storewide             Place 31-50: 15% Off Storewide                     Place 31-50: 15% Off                   Place 31-50: 15% Off

State Placing Rewards Packages

Place 1-3: 50% Off

Place 4-7: 35% Off

Place 8-10: 15% Off

ShotKam (@ShotKam_GunCam) / Twitter

Place 1-10: 45% Off a ShotKam

Place 11-30: 35% Off a ShotKam

Place 31-50: 10% Off a ShotKam




Rewards for all Slay Clays account holders.

How does this work?

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  • Get your products in the hands of actual shooters
  • Improve brand loyalty
  • Create a tiered reward system
  • Support top shooters
  • Get your brand seen throughout our marketing channels

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We help sponsors connect directly with shooters like never before.  As a sponsor you receive:

  • Advertising
  • Metrics/Data
  • Trends, popularity, performance...
  • Exclusive challenges by Sponsors
  • Participation in special events
  • And much more

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