Our Mission

Slay Clays provides a modern, fully-integrated event management system for the shotgun shooting sports industry. From finding and registering for local and national events, processing payments, sharing event results, to submitting easy "registered" targets, we bring a new level of integration to the industry with a seamless experience for organizers, shooters, enthusiasts, and fans alike.

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Our History

Slay Clays was born from a passion for shotgun sports and the necessity for modernizing the sport to help it stay competitive with other recreational options. Without up-to-date processes and software systems, the sport will slowly decay into obscurity. Without relevant brands that can help market and promote the sport (especially to young shooters) the sport will see decreased membership and participation numbers.

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Ben Salas - CEO

Ben has been a competitor his entire life. From shooting .22 peep site in 4H to the wrestling mat to the world cup stage shooting bunker trap to building multiple businesses, Ben has always enjoyed the stress and pressure of competitive environments. He has a passion for trying to experience life to the fullest and taking on projects that push his envelope.


Jim Graham - CTO

Being an avid wing shooter since his earliest memories, Jim shot clay pigeons as a means to an end. He viewed trap and skeet shooting as a way to get better at shooting birds. After moving to New Mexico with somewhat limited bird hunting opportunities, Jim began shooting clays more for fun than practice. He started participating in trap leagues and eventually started organizing and leading the trap league at the local shooting range. Once bitten by the clays bug, it was only natural that Jim got involved with Slay Clays, an organization dedicated to supporting the clay shooter and event organizer communities


Patsy Verzino - Research/Logistics

Patsy has been a nurse since 2001. She began her healthcare career as a United States Navy Nurse Corps officer. She has since left the Navy but has continued her healthcare career as a Nurse Practitioner. She has spent over  20 years in a science based field, which has helped her to hone her researching skills. She supported her husband as he shot in the International Trap World Cup in Sydney, Australia. This fanned her interest in clay shooting sports and ignited her interest in being a researcher for Slay Clays. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, soccer, sporting clays and chasing her 2 redhead daughters. 


Robert Staudhammer - Writer/Editor

Robert has been a writer-editor for almost 20 years. He has traveled extensively and studied logistics, operations, and communications all over the world. Robert enjoys the analysis of process improvements and will bring this attention to detail to every aspect of Slay Clays. He enjoys working with the Slay Clays team to deliver the world's best, most user-friendly, and most comprehensive user experience possible.


Mike Laemmle - Writer/Editor

Michael has spent two decades as a writer, editor, and science communicator. When not writing, Michael spends long hours researching and implementing guerrilla and online marketing techniques, making pretty pictures, and recording music. His outdoor interests include mountain biking, snowboarding, and trail running. An amateur firearms enthusiast, Michael loves contributing his talents and efforts to the Slay Clays mission of addressing the needs, wants, and desires of the shooting sports community. 

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