Shoot Management

Planning and executing a registered shoot is no easy task. The Slay Clays shoot management system will integrate everything needed to successfully run an ATA, NSSA, and NSCA registered shoot. From planning the event to posting the final results, Slay Clays eliminates the overhead of manual, time consuming tasks. We’ve spent countless hours evaluating every process and task to digitize and automate the entire event. This streamlining has removed the many hours needed to plan, organize, and execute shotgun sports events.

In our "Phase 1" release, we give Clubs the ability to manage and market their shoot calendars and shoot details across all shotgun sports, Trap, Skeet, Sport, and Olympic. Get your shoots seen by all shotgunners.

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All Shoots

View and manage the details for all your Club's shoots for all shotgun sports from one location, registered or unregistered, special events, training days, classes etc. 

Custom Banner 

Advertise your Club or shoot sponsors with a customizable shoot banner. 

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Shoot Templates

Do your monthly shoot details not change very often? You can copy all the details of a previous shoot to create new shoots. Simple, easy, fast.

 Upload Your Shoot Flyer

Why keep sending out shoot flyer PDFs in emails to everyone every week, filling their inbox with large files that are hard to find? Upload your flyer to Slay Clays where it can easily be found and referenced, downloaded, or printed. Browse the flyer right in the webpage, no need to download it before opening.

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Central Location 

In our "Phase 1" release, we give Clubs the ability to manage and market their shoot calendars and shoot details across all shotgun sports, Trap, Skeet, Sporting, and Olympic in one place. Get your shoots seen by all shotgunners.

Events & Options

List all your shoot events and options in one place that is easy for shooters to reference. Easily link options to events.

events and options
shoot location

Location Based Calendar

Why get emails about a small club monthly shoot a thousand miles away that you have no intention of attending? Our shoot calendar is based on location so when shooters log in to Slay Clays, they see the nearest shoots first with the ability to expand search areas and criteria. Get your shoots advertised to shooters in your immediate area who most likely to attend.

Boosting a Shoot

Get your shoot listed at the top of a shooters calendar. With our industry first feature, you can boost the visibility of your shoot to all Slay Clays shooters within a mile radius that you define from your club. To find out more about Boosting a shoot, click HERE.

shoot finder

Upload Shoot Results

Export shoot results from your management software and easily upload those files to Slay Clays for easy reference.

External Links

Are you using other websites to manage your shoot? No problem. Send shooters to external links to pre-squad or register such as or

registration buttons
perm URL

Static Web Link

Each shoot has a permanent web link you can use to advertise your shoot and results. Send the link out once and never again.

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