Time to Innovate

"The Obstacle is the Way" - Marcus Aurelius

Welcome to Slay Clays. As we get farther and farther along in development, you'll see an increase in our web/social activity. Our development road map is unbelievable, it makes my brain hurt looking at it sometimes. But how do you eat an elephant? One bite at time. Join us in the journey, we are building this for you!  

Our Mission:
Slay Clays was born from a passion for shotgun sports and the necessity for modernizing the sport to help it stay competitive with other recreational options. Without up-to-date  software systems and community ecosystem, the sport could slowly decay into obscurity, unable to keep up with other hobbies and activities that provide its users with modern capabilities.

Without relevant brands that can help market and promote the shotgun sports (especially to young shooters and women) the sport will see decreased membership, participation numbers, and relevancy as a legitimate past-time activity.

We'd love to hear your feedback, click HERE to start a conversation.

Thank you all! See you on the range!

Ben Salas

Founder/CEO - Slay Clays, LLC

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