Slay Clays is a technology leader for the shotgun shooting sports industry. The company brings together many features that a modern event management system needs. From finding and registering for events, payment processing, event results, and easy "registered" target submission to a feature rich shooter portal. Slay Clays makes it a seamless experience for the organizer and participant. Slay Clays also strives to become a world renown brand with an online storefront containing Slay Clays branded products as well as third party merchandise. A total ecosystem catering to the needs of the shotgun sports industry.

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Serving the Shotgun Sports Industry


The shotgun shooting sports have participants number in the millions. Slay Clay's strives not only to build a software platform that modernizes shotgun sports but to also build a strong brand that the shooting sports community will want to identify with.

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Shooter Hub

Shooter Hub

Putting the shooter first! Slay Clays is creating a shooter hub with technology that has never been seen before in the industry. From membership management, shooter performance data, and simple event registration.

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Shooter Hub

Event Management

Creating, marketing, and managing a shooting sports event isn’t the easiest thing you can think of. Slay Clays removes many cumbersome, manual tasks and brings the sport into the 21st century with automated tools, intuitive design and modern features.

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Shooter Hub


Brand is everything. Slay Clays is building a world renowned brand that shooters of all ages want to associate with. From Slay Clays branded products to our third party partners, our online store will provide essential equipment to keep you in the game.

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Shooter Hub

Mobile App

The Slay Clays app offers everything at your fingertips. All of the features and tools of the website are accessible through our mobile app. The app gives you total access while on the range, on the go, or even during an event. It handles event management.

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